Hello Venus – Wiggle Wiggle

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It’s Brave Sound

H.E.L.L.O Venus
H.E.L.L.O Venus
H.E.L.L.O Venus
H.E Hello Venus

Move it side to side, your butt, left to right, wiggle wiggle
With more feeling, round and round, carefully
Shake it, shake it

Move it side to side, your butt, left to right, wiggle wiggle
With more feeling, round and round, carefully
Shake it, shake it

What is this feeling I’m getting for the first time in a while?
This heart fluttering feeling for the first time in a while
Can you see my trembling lips?
I’ll give you a great present tonight

Move your butt side to side
Left and right, side to side
We just wanna break it down

Move it side to side, your butt, left to right, wiggle wiggle
With more feeling, round and round, carefully
Shake it, shake it

Move it side to side, your butt, left to right, wiggle wiggle
With more…

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Camp KOPRIVNA “Intergeneration / Međugeneracijska” 2014


5 Inspiring highlights of our international and intergenerational exchange

From July 30th till August 6th Red Cross Youth Zurich, Basel and Aargau worked together with Red Cross Youth Bosnia and Herzegovina on project “Intergeneration”.

This post is about the most exciting moments we shared together.   

Day 1. Kick-off 

On July 30th the teams of Red Cross Youth Aargau, Basel and Zurich met in Zenica to travel to Koprivna where the Swiss crew united with BiH team to work on project “Intergeneration / Međugeneracijska” together.

The perfect icebreakers that day were some games played all together. The “best friend” game aimed at choosing a buddy for every Swiss participant from the Bosnian team. The buddies stayed our reference people and we became good friends with them.

The camp rules as well as the goals of the project were discussed and the agenda was announced the same day.

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I think that it’s getting better

Well,today was a beautiful day.These days of mine are filled with work,and a little pleasure.I’m working on my second chance for college and it’s going pretty good.I actually already new almost everything,I just needed a little bit motivation.And I had the luck to meet this awesome friend that’s working with me.He is really nice and I feel like I know him forever .So during the day I practice with him,and last night I went out with my friend and her cousin.Nights here are beautiful,and the park is full of teens.When I come home,my window is open ‘cuz it’s really hot,and I hear everything from the park and everyone is just having a great time. Eid is almost here and i can’t wait to be with my family.

ps. do not ever think that you’re a disappointment!


Now teens are on the crossroads of their lives.Do you want to continue your studies,what college?Or maybe not.
I studied hard in high school and got exellent grades I want to continue my life as a student.I wanted to study architecture but i didn’t pass one exam so I couldn’t make it to the list despite my good grades and all points.I was better then some that got on the list.I did submit a complaint and now all I can do is wait.Sometimes I think that I’m a disappointment but then again, I’m not , I know how hard I worked in highschool and how much I’m worth.So if you ever doubt yourself don’t!That can not bring you nothing good.


Fruit ice cream

Seems like summer is here.
Every day is hotter.So cold drinks,ice cream, sunglasses is something we really need ,oh yeah,and cute dresses..
I came home today and I bought me some bananas to eat,but then I came to an idea.If you want ice cream but you’re too lazy to go out and buy one and you have some fruits at home,you can make one as fast as you say cookie.

Today I had bananas and frozen strawberries.So I put the bananas into the freezer for a couple minutes. How much and which fruits you’ll use depends on how much ice cream you want and what you like.Put the fruits together and blend them.While you do the mixing add some milk and sugar.I used two spoons of sugar, ‘cuz the bananas and strawberries are already very sweet.The mixture becomes very sticky and thick.At the end you can put it in another bowl or cups and into the freezer for a couple hours.It all takes just a couple minutes,and you have ice cream that is very good and without some industrial colors and aromas.And it’s even cheaper.

ps. you can put some whole strawberries  

I just ate mine and it’s delicious.Try it! Little kids will love it.


Little Great Tit

Yesterday night when I came home my family surprised me with a little bird.It fell out of the nest and my mom took it,luckily we had a cage (‘cuz when I was little we had parrots) for it.It is really small and cute.So the tit slept in our house and in the early morning she called for her parents,she was hungry.My parents took her outside and hung the cage on the porch.Tit parents found and fed her.But they were also scared.My mom made a mix of corn and bread and it took a little time before she learned how to eat from a pincette.Felt amazing feeding her and it was an amazing expirience.The little bird isn’t scared anymore,and her parents come more often to the cage and bring worms.Becauze she can’t fly good we left her in the cage again.When she’s ready we will let her to fly.